Lendlease together with our customer AUOD achieved the highest energy rating for an existing industrial building in Australia.

In February 2024, we achieved the first 5.5-star NABERS Energy rating in Australia for a 7,600 sqm industrial building located in Villawood NSW. This is the highest rating achieved so far on an industrial asset in the Australian property sector.

The NABERS Energy for Warehouses and Cold stores assessment and rating tool was launched in September 2022, and 24 assessments have been completed across the Australian property sector so far. The tool rates the energy efficiency of warehouses, cold stores, and combined facilities. This rating marks a significant leap forward in energy efficiency and benchmarking within the industry​.

We are supporting our industrial tenants to participate in NABERS Energy assessments, to foster a culture of sustainability, raising awareness and collaboration. Our customer, AUOD, in Villawood NSW, embraced the opportunity to assess the energy efficiency of their tenancy and our asset. Joe Zhou the owner at AUOD mentioned that “the requests were easy to respond to. We simply provided our energy bills and some operational information, such as the number of staff and operating hours”. Joe also said “We have a standard warehouse and avoid high energy-usage equipment. We also take proactive steps to switch off air conditioning in unoccupied office spaces and other areas. Our building also has rooftop solar panels and LED lights. We also make the most of the natural daylight from our skylights instead of using our highbay lighting.’”

The NABERS Energy assessment helps Lendlease understand the energy efficiency of our industrial buildings while also understanding opportunities to improve energy performance and reduce costs. It supports our mission to reduce our scope 3 customer electricity emissions and adds value for our tenants by empowering them to understand their energy usage.